Why it’s time to switch to an Instagram business account

A couple of questions comes to the mind when we talking about an Instagram business account. Let’s have a look step by step guide about how and why to convert your personal account to Instagram business account.What is the business profile on Instagram?

With the latest updates in the Instagram mobile app, Instagram provides facilities to the business owner to create their business account on Instagram and can do the paid promotion also. Now, Business firms can have their own insights, contacts, identity as business etc. on a single account.

Is a business Instagram account free?

Yes, It’s totally free. Instagram doesn’t charge a single dime for the business account. Even they push businesses to promote their business online through it.

Can I have a personal and a business Instagram account?

Yes, You can have your personal and business account in the Instagram app at the same time.
You can use with a switchover option between them. You can switch between two without log out of them.

Can I convert my business account to a personal account?
Yes, At any point of time you feel that I want to convert my business account to a personal account. You can convert with one single click.

And the most important questions… How do I make my Instagram a business account and Why Should You Switch To An Instagram Business Account?

The Instagram business profile gives a plenty of good features to marketers to do promotion of their business online.

1 – Post & Page insights
The post insight feature allows you to check the performance of any post base on the 6 important metrics.
The statistics you will be able to see for your every post:

The number of times your post has been liked.
Comments: The number of comments left on your post.
Saved: The number of unique accounts that have saved your post.
Impressions: The total number of times your post has been seen.
Reach: The number of unique accounts that have seen your post.
Engagement: The number of unique accounts that have liked, saved, or commented on a post.
Instagram Business account insight
Instagram Business account

Page insight:

Instagram also provides the insight for your business account which is not available in the personal account.

Followers: Total followers, up & down in followers in last 7 days
Total Posts: Total post done on business account and last 7 days detail
Impressions: The total number of times your post has been seen
Reach: The number of unique accounts that have seen your post
Profile views: The number of instagramer had viewed your profile
Followers: The number of followers of yours with their demographic details
Instagram Business account insight
Instagram Business account insight
2 –Business Details
The second big advantage of turning your personal account to business account is business detail listing. Yes, Now with your business account, you can add below detail to your account which can help your customers to reach you conveniently.
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Business address
  • Website Address

Most of the online business like fashion, e-commerce, online education, photography industry etc. can be benefited with this features.

3 –Promotions

As per instagram’s basic requirement, you must have the facebook page to create the business account. Once you have finished with your business account, you can find the promotion button beside your profile picture.

Instagram Business account
Instagram Business account
Now, You can promote your post to get business with 2 ways as below:

Get more profile and website visits each People near and address

Instagram Business account paid promotion
Instagram Business account paid promotion

Now you have 6 detail selection to process to create the campaign and your audience.

Objective: Profile and website visits or Reach people near an address
Destination: Drive traffic to your website or Instagram Business profile
Action button: This button appears on your image or video.
Audience: You have the option to create the automatic persona or create your own customize persona based on your business requirement.
Budget: Choose a budget and duration for your promotion
Duration: Time for how long you want to run a campaign, At last, add the payment method either Credit Card or Debit Card.
4 –Identify as a Business

The last but not least the benefit of Instagram business account is to get the identity of your Instagram account as a business account. With the additional features other than personal account resonate your business on Instagram.

5 –Schedule post for your Instagram business profile

The most awaiting demand of instagramers has now come true. Instagram has made changes to its’ API. Now you can schedule which now allows for business accounts to schedule posts through verified third-party tools like Hootsuite & Tailwind.

You can target your audience at any geographic location of the world at any time and you no need to be online for extra time to post on your business profile.

How to Convert to an Instagram Business Profile?
To convert your personal Instagram account to the business account you must have the Facebook page to connect. As mention above you have many benefits of the Business profile.

Its ready very simple to convert to a business profile. Just go to Options —> Account settings —> Switch to Business Profile

Instagram Business account
Instagram Business account


Hope you have the clear idea about the Instagram business profile and now you process to convert company account to business account to get all benefits that Instagram has provides to us.

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