Step by step guide: How to turn blog post into video

Want to recreate your blog post into video? Searching for a free video creation tool for your business?

Fact’s about the power of video marketing

Videos get 135% more reach than image post.
LinkedIn research shows that 91% of users watch video on mobile devices.
Video content has been unanimously chosen as one of the rising starts in marketing.
Soon, video traffic will account for 80% of all internet traffic!
Create a video that holds the attention of users.
Here is your step by step guide to creating your video from the blog post.
There are n numbers of tools which providing you services to create a video. But if you check their plans properly than you find that all their plans are premium and even though if they provide free version then it will not be satisfied your need.
Amongst these tools, Lumen5 is automated and very well developed video creation tool available to help you in your video creation process.
Let’s have a look step by step guide of Lumen5-Video creation platform driven by A. l. (Artificial Intelligence) to ease your video creation process.
Step1: Enter article link or copy & paste to get started
The first step to embark the journey with Lumen5 to create your video is to select the article link and paste into available space & Lumen5 automatically text of the article to display for next step.
The first step is only working if your content is available online.
What if your content is available but in offline mode?
Don’t worry the other way to add offline content is to simply copy & paste in available box and go ahead.
Step2: Storyboard is ready to select content
In the second step, you have a choice to select your sentence from the article. Simply click on sentence to add in your storyboard.
There is a text limit of max. 120 character per sentence. Why there is limit text per sentence.
The reason is to avert clutter between video and text ratio.
Once you completed with all bunch of selected sentences, you have other option to re-order sentences or delete wrongly selected sentences.
Then click continue button on the top right corner to head towards the next step…
Step3: Add Media and Music in your story
Once you ready with a story now it’s time to add media and music in the background to make it live for
Lumen5 suggest relevant images for every slide with artificial intelligence. But there is millions of images, video, and icons available to make your video enticing.
The other option to upload your own copyrighted images and small video clips to make your own branded video.
You can selected background music from Lumen5’s music library and there is no option to upload music.
There is other 5 formatting option per slide as below:
1. Preview:
you have an option to preview each slide individually which can give you a clear view of how it looks after get finalize.
2. Text
In text option, you have 4 types of text selection option to display in a slide like
Plain textQuotesNo textTitle only
3. Text position
You can place your text at 9 different positions on a slide to display.
4. Highlight
You can highlight any important single word or bunch of words to attract the eyes of viewers.
5. Black bar off
This – is the background color to make black and highlight the whole sentence.
6. Branding on your video.
You have the option to add the brand logo on every slide at a top right corner to highlight your brand.
Step 4: Publish your video
Video Resolution
Finally, you are ready to publish your video with 3 option for video resolution as below:
480p SD (Free) 720p HD (Premium) 1080p HD (Premium)
LUMEN5 Logo in Credits
If you download video
Show logo
Hide logo (Premium)
The paid services are also available in Lumen5 which provide services value for your money.
Now once you publish your video, you have the option to download your video and publish on your favorite platform or website.
Lumen5 is the best option who looking for free video creation tool with very good customer service to help you anytime. Create your video hassle free and improve your brand visibility in a few clicks.

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