15 different ways to increase twitter followers organically

Are you looking for more followers for your twitter account? What to do for more twitter followers?
Have a look 15 different ways to increase twitter followers.

1. Eye catchy bio

The thumb of the rule in the online market is to show your proper identity to others. Use Headshot of personal or company logo & hashtags related to your interest or targeted industry. I suggest mentioning the company’s twitter handle & website link to redirect your traffic to visit your service offerings. Also mention your geolocation to aware your customers that where are your headquarter and where exactly you serving your customers.

2. Share your industry-specific content

If you really want your customers’ attention over Twitter then only share or generate relevant content relevant to your industry and service offerings. Generate bespoke content for a specific group of people and I am sure your customers will respond to it.

3. Post frequently

Active business always gets more attention from customers. So tweet frequently on your Twitter timeline to keep engaging with your audience. Use tool like followerswonk from MOZ to check when your customers are online in the daytime and when will you get max. engagement. Post 6 to 7 times a day if possible because as per research life of any tweet is 18 min and then after goes into feeds.

4. Follow-Unfollow activity

One activity every successful twitter account holder doing is follow-unfollow twitter accounts. Always follow your industry-specific accounts to give them attention about you and also unfollow the accounts which are not following back because they are not interested in your business so why increase following numbers then followers numbers.

5. Tag influencers & Industry experts

Influencers and industry experts are the gods for their followers and you should take benefits of it for your business. Always tag than in your tweet so they get notification of your tweet. Their one retweet or like can increase your engagement rate and website visits.

6. Balance you Followers-following ratio

Always maintain your twitter followers-following ratio. Don’t follow too many accounts that any new followers find you invaluable. Keep following no. lesser than or equal to followers no. The reason is that based on your overall twitter performance your SA (Social Authority) will be generated out of 100. Followerswonk by MOZ calculate and show you your current SA.

7. Don’t be a spammer with Direct Messages

Twitter has expanded its direct message character limit. Most of the twitter account holder misuse and bombarding others’ inbox with advertising messages and annoying them. Don’t send promotional messages too much that other will block you permanently.

8. Pin to top your popular post

Always show your followers your most popular content on top. There is an option to pin to top any tweet which will stick to your timeline. It’s impactful for your reputation and helps you to spread your fresh content more quickly.

9. Use Moment option to create popular tweet storyboard

Twitter has also launched one more option named a moment in twitter will give the option to you to collect your popular tweets at one and create one single storyboard. This storyboard helps you to create n number of moments which is none other than a collection of your most popular tweets at one place to show your followers.

10. Use content-specific image

Always use content-specific images because your images speak more than your tweet. Images will help you to get more engagement on your tweet. Use copyright free and high-resolution images for your tweet. Use Pexels, Pixabay etc. for images.

11. Try to use more videos in tweets

Videos get 135% more reach than image post. LinkedIn research shows that 91% of users watch video on mobile devices. #Video content has been unanimously chosen as one of the rising stars in #marketing. Soon, video traffic will account for 80% of all internet traffic! Twitter has expanded its Twitter video length to 2 min 20 sec now. So, Create more videos in-house or outsource video creation. Above facts shows that innovation in content marketing is necessary and video marketing is an imperative tool of it.

12. Use content-specific hashtags

Most of the marketers using a bunch of hashtags in their post but most of them are not a popular one among their industry. I will suggest use hashtagify, ritetag etc… for researching hashtag. These tools will show you relevant hashtags for your post. Also target unique and popular hashtag those are daily use by users.

13. Post in high-traffic window

All marketers are expecting more engagement on their post and conversion on their website but the confusion is that what is the right time to post? When your followers are online? There are plenty of free and paid tools are available online which can help you to assist when your followers are online. I am using MOZ’s followerwonk to identify followers’ most active time period for Twitter and its help me to identify competitors’ followers time period.

14. Post tips & Solution for more engagement

Research said that more tips and solution based tweets getting more engagement through their followers on Twitter. Try to provide tips or solutions to your followers over twitter and definitely your engagement rate goes up and new followers nos. also goes up.

15. Repeat your popular tweet at a different time

What is the reason that you have to post your content again and again? The reason is that every tweet has a lifespan of avg. 18 Minutes and then after it will go into a feed. So, I am sure not all of your followers come across your tweet and the result is less engagement and less visibility. So re-post your content on different time zone and with different text.


Hope you get the fair idea about how to increase twitter followers without a paid single dime. I am sure you will get more followers from one or another way I mention above. Best of luck!

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