11 ways to promote your business on facebook

Don’t want to go for facebook paid marketing? Looking for an organic way to promote your business?

Facebook has 2.07 Billion monthly active users as of November 2017 and it shows the dominance of Facebook in the Social networking jungle.

Normally, People see Facebook as just a photo/video sharing and social networking site but it’s not enough.

There is the one other community who sees Facebook as an ocean of opportunity for their business.

As per the data, Today 3 million businesses actively advertise on it. That’s 3 million companies from all over the world, with more than 70% from outside of the US.

So why not leverage it for your business and create your success story…

In this article, You will find the 11 easy ways to promote your business on Facebook.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

#1. Video on Facebook cover page

It has enabled video format for cover image in Facebook pages. Now marketers can play videos related to their services, news, product videos etc. on their cover page.
You can upload video from 20 sec minimum to 90 Sec maximum time period with area dimension: 820×312.
#2. Add your service to page
Now there is other option to showcase your vast range of services on your official Facebook page.
First of all, you need to check if Service tab is enabled by Facebook to your page or not because it is mostly available for service provider companies. Check the left side menu items below your profile photo for the service tab.
If service tab is not visible then you can try experimenting service categories for your page and might be tab enable for your page.
If you have service tab then add a few details like:
  • Name of Service
  • Price for your service (Optional)
  • Service Description (200 words)
  • Square photo to represent service time duration (Optional)

#3. Create the canvas for your bunch of services

Canvas is the somehow untouched marketing feature of Facebook with hidden efficiency to boost your business. Facebook calls it an interactive mobile adverts.

As per a market report, It is expected about 1.34 billion mobile phone Facebook users in 2018.
So, Why not attract the huge community to your business page with a few simple steps to create Facebook Canvas.
If you are an admin of Facebook page then You can find Canvas in your page’s publishing tool section on top of the page.
Follow simple steps and create an enticing Facebook canvas for your business.

#4. Create your own Facebook groups
Have you created any group till date? IF no then you should create your industry-specific groups to promote your business to reach the large niche community who may be interested in your services.
Creating a group on facebook and invite others to join your group. Share a valuable content in many different ways like:
  • Write post
  • Add photo/video
  • Add file
  • Sell something
  • Recommendation
  • Create event
  • Create Document

#5. Post your valuable content in groups
Creating a group is a wise decision but to reach the other communities you also have to join other groups and share your content, services to those group. Like, share comment group posts to get attention from other group members and take action on your post also.

#6. Update your About section
Update the about section is the primary requirement to show others that who are you and why you have created a page and what you offer and how it is a benefit to them.

#7. Post enticing content on Page
Now a day’s trend has changed and Facebook users are moving from photos to video content, DIY content, tips and solution of their need.
Don’t ever bore your followers with long content. Rather then 40 character post content with image or video is a more successful then full essay.

#8. Try different format of the content to promote
None have time to read large volume content and they will move to other posts.
Create videos, slideshows, Live videos, Create a discount offer, create a poll and many more.
If you need more business visibilities, likes, followers then try different content formats to entice visitors.

#9. Try Facebook live
It is the easiest way to get attention from your followers to react on your video. Try it for your product launch, live news, live events or share your success story by your client.

#10. Invite your friends to like your business page
Invite your friends by just one click. It shows you the list of your friends and friends of friends to invite to like your page.
Ask as many friends as possible because they are the real marketers and well-wishers for your business.

#11. Create lead generation form & integrate
It provides the customized lead generation form creation option to add or remove whichever field is required or not.
Follow few steps and create lead generation form for your sales and marketing business.

Once again, I utter my words that Facebook is an ocean of opportunity. Leverage as much you can organically through your page and in case you have ample amount of budget for paid marketing then go through it because it has good plans and very well customer services to assist you.

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